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Two page essay on responsibility and Accountability to the canadian people essay 5 stars based on reviews. Collective responsibilities refers to the accountability of Government to Parliament. History has proven, and will continue to prove, that in a democratic society such as Canada, that ultimately ministers and Parliament are held accountable in the public eye at the time of elections.

Marshall, Geoffrey and Graeme C. Therefore Ministerial responsibly is closely tied to department senior officials. However, they are generally required to explain their decisions to these entities.

It has shown the limitations of both collective and individual ministerial responsibility; outlined bureaucratic power; and briefly touched upon legislative control. Each portfolio has a deputy minister and a team of senior civil servants who advise the minister on a variety of issues ranging from administrative procedures to policy implication.

Accountability within government is a measure that is used to control the abuse of power by those elected as government representatives.

Public services have continued to grow in size as with this increased growth so to have their responsibilities grown in complexity. The answer is simple, the public servants.

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Royal Commission on Financial Management and Accountability. Watchdog agencies such as the Office of Auditor General assist legislators in the accountability of bureaucrats. If passed through both houses of parliament, these policies are then conveyed to individual departments through the ministers.

Usually what happens though, if a departmental mistake is brought to the attention of a Minister he usually denies any foreknowledge therefore asserting no personal blame. In addition this person reports on the effectiveness of social programs, environmental and economic polices.

Therefore this mechanisms of accountability may very well only damage the credibility of a Minister. This does not by no means implies that a Minister can not be held accountable at all.

Canadian Journal of Political Science, v. The civil servant who represents the bureaucratic sector and the minister indicating the political sphere.

Hutchinson University Library, In particular the Auditor General keeps track of bureaucratic expenditures to ensure that monies are spend and properly recorded as allocated by Parliament. This solidarity enables government to defend individual minister in the House of Commons and protect its right to govern.

It should be noted that the Auditor General is the only person who is allowed to report directly to Parliament without having to go through a Minister. This conventions allows backbenchers, and opposition parties to address concerns that their constituents may have that where not satisfactory answered through the normal bureaucratic channels.

It goes without saying that since civil servants enjoy this privilege and career advancements are based upon merit, any political waves that they may of created will definitely have weight to some degree.

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Ministers in Canada are senior members of parliament who are appointed to a department by the Prime Minister. Marshall, Geoffrey and Graeme C. This is especially held true when matters that are done properly under his instructions or in accordance with governmental policy. Although Parliament has no effective way to sanction a Minister or department who's interpretation of governmental policy differs from their own.

It should be noted that the Auditor General is the only person who is allowed to report directly to Parliament without having to go through a Minister. In fact in the history of Canada there only have been two ministers who have resigned over mal-administration of their portfolio.

Opposition parties also use this accountability measure to heighten public awareness of questionable government practices or policies. Therefore he must rely heavy on his senior staff. Some Problems of the Constitution. If at any time this confidence is questioned the governing party must be subjected to a vote in Parliament.

Legislative Control Parliament uses five methods to excise control over the bureaucracy.Accountability, the idea that people, governments, and business should be held publicly accountable, is a central preoccupation of our time.

Criminal justice, a. The legitimacy of democracy, which defined by Abraham Lincoln as "government of the people, by the people, for the people", depends on political participation, citizen participation and effective government.3 However, in this essay, whether EU has sufficient democratic accountability will be determined only by focusing on whether there is an /5(30).

Political Accountability and Responsibility in the Government

Accountability in health care is expected from the people receiving care and by the people giving the care. The team function in health care is to make patients better and if one person does not take accountability for their actions then trust begins to fail and tensions rise.

Moral Accountability of Governments Essay; Moral Accountability of Governments Essay. Words 7 Pages. a liability ultimately to the Canadian people owed by Parliament, by the government and thus, every government department and agency. Accountability to the canadian people Accountability is the essence of our democratic form of government.

It is the liability assumed by all those who exercise authority to account for the manner in which they have fulfilled responsibilities entrusted to them, a liability ultimately to the Canadian people owed by Parliament, by the government. An essay on american history x pictures essay about himalayan mountains charing cross bridge monet analysis essay minds of serial killers essays on global warming canadian aboriginal youth issues essays essay for diwali festival of light war at sea ww1 essays essay paper research cadbury swot analysis research papers florian jodl dissertation.

Accountability to the canadian people essay
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