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Main trends in horizontal co-operation within metropolitan regions. A wellrounded national economic strategy cannot ignore the spatial structure of the economy, or the qualities and characteristics of cities that affect economic performance, social cohesion and environmental conditions.

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Competitive cities in the global economy _ OCDE

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Ad-comm Group is an integrated, one-stop service company which provides deeply creative strategic communication solutions. Keller_FM 9/5/02 AM Page ii This page intentionally left blank Keller_FM 9/5/02 AM Page i Crisis.

The small group of so-called “world cities” is chiefly associated with strong specialisation in advanced activities.I. Milan. One study shows that those cities regarded as world cities overlap heavily with some of the leading examples of metroregions (London. Ad-comm Group, a Tokyo-based, independent advertising agency founded by Andreas Dannenberg inresponded to this challenge by developing Whitebook, a premium publication media showcasing several luxury brands, as well as a cross-marketing platform building an exclusive, interactive community of pre-screened, high-value customers.

Ad comm group whitebook cross marketing platform for
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