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Students are able to state requirements and design, implement, test and evaluate their application.

GCE Digital Technology

Adobe Reader uses these settings to override the user's default settings when opening the document. When a system is being created, User Requirements Specifications are a valuable tool for ensuring the system will do what users need it to do. The basic types of content in a PDF are: Intellectual property[ edit ] Anyone may create applications that can read and write PDF files without having to pay royalties to Adobe Systems ; Adobe holds patents to PDF, but licenses them for royalty-free use in developing software complying with its PDF specification.

This capability is useful in CAD drawings, layered artwork, maps, multi-language documents etc. This is stored in the As1 ict ccea multimedia documentation Info trailer of the file. The signature is used to validate that the permissions have been granted by a bona fide granting authority.

The unit enables students to develop object oriented skills. Introduction — including the scope of the system, key objectives for the project, and the applicable regulatory concerns Program Requirements — the functions and workflow that the system must be able to perform Data Requirements — the type of information that a system must be able to process Life Cycle Requirements — including how the system will be maintain and users trained For more examples and templates, see the User Requirements Specification Template.

This might include organisational charts and illustrations. It provides a detailed study of design methodologies. It is the responsibility of the project manager to ensure that high quality documentation is written, on time, and delivered to the client. They ensure that everyone works together and that resources such as money, time and equipment are used efficiently.

It gives students opportunities to progress to career paths leading to professional IT management and the responsible use of IT within industry. This unit is externally assessed through a two hour question paper with a pre-release case study.

They are written by the system owner and end-users, with input from Quality Assurance. Screen D can print on-screen data to the printer. Approaches to System Development External written examination - short and extended questions 1 hour 30 minutes.

The unit allows them to experience the elements of the systems development process. They will also learn how to test and interrogate a database.

Word Processing Spreadsheets Presentations This unit is assessed in the form of a computer-based exam. Any PDF application can use this same mechanism for its own purposes. Legal and Professional Issues Implications of Information Systems This unit is assessed in the form of a written examination.

For example, a high resolution raster image takes more space than a low resolution one. Spreadsheet modelling The aim of this unit is to help students understand how spreadsheets can be used to solve complex problems. It offers learners the opportunity for a programme of study to: Adobe Reader verifies that the signature uses a certificate from an Adobe-authorized certificate authority.

It also provides them with an understanding of fundamental systems analysis and design concepts. AS Unit 6 Internet and Business Students must produce a professional portfolio for a chosen client from a business or official organisation.

They are introduced to important database concepts that enable them to understand relational database systems implemented through Structured Query Language SQL. They must also produce a written document outlining the website plan, design, and development. The URS is generally a planning document, created when a business is planning on acquiring a system and is trying to determine specific needs.

The emphasis, however, should be on the website as a mode of information communication.


Students must produce a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their understanding of the unit material by practically applying it to the case study. This unit is assessed in the form of a written exam.The Waterfall Model in Ict In: Computers and Technology Submitted By golola Words Pages 8.

• Documentation- This is merely documentation on how the system created works Complete Revision Guide to CCEA ICT Contents [hide] * 1 Complete ICT Revision Guide (CCEA) * 2 Knowledge of ICT Components * 3 INPUT DEVICES * 4 OUTPUT DEVICES.

GCSE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY (Route A: Multimedia) - replaces CCEA GCSE in ICT. Examination Board: CCEA Level: 2 Route A: Multimedia. Content. Description.

Assessment. to automate and customise their spreadsheet models. Finally, they will learn how to test and create user and technical documentation. The unit will provide students with the. AS1 ICT CCEA Multimedia Documentation Essay Words | 7 Pages.

Evaluation Brief For this task you have to evaluate your multimedia product, including its features, and the approach you took to creating it.

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Critical analysis is essential for gaining full marks as well as ensuring your work is well written and spell checked. CCEA are annoying when it comes to A* at A level. To get an A* you need to average an A in the subject overall and average an A* over your 2 A2 exams.

Aye i got my as1 paper back (44 raw marks) vs 59 and I definitely think they shafted me in about 5/6 marks like and i showed my teacher and she agreed lmao again just regurgitations of the. Operating systems, application software and ICT Department - St Patrick's High School, Pupils undertake the CCEA Key Stage 3 ICT Accreditation Scheme as part of the GCE Applied ICT (CCEA): % Coursework, % Exam (6 units).Degree Requirements: B.A.

or B.S. in ICT | School of. CCEA Digital Technology is for students who are interested in current and emerging technologies, the impact they have and how to use them effectively. Factfile: AS2 Fundamentals of Digital Technology - Web Technology and Multimedia - Web Applications 2 (PDF), Last Updated: 22 June

As1 ict ccea multimedia documentation
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