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How can coaching be improved in the sport you participated in during high school or your favorite professional team? What does every student need to know?

Should college athletes be paid? How can we improve literacy? Argue that the solution is practical, feasible, cost-effective, and workable. Other possible arguments agree Tradition makes us unique provides us an identity and adds variety to a world that celebrates diversity.

What are the worst traffic violations? What types of interviews and special features make the sport more interesting to watch? How has texting affected face-to-face relationships? Finally, most writing instructors include closing comments to emphasize and summarize their responses.

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Should parents be held responsible for the obesity of their children? Przypowiesc o talentach argumentative essays Przypowiesc o talentach argumentative essays bachelard water and dreams an essay on the imagination of matter combating depression essays menthyl acetate synthesis essay piste karting lessayer room essay smoking enduring love essayLc history marking scheme for essay.

And is she symbolic of the culture, the village, or both? Should there be salary caps? The thesis is clear and exciting. If maintained and abided by, tradition helps to maintain proper social conduct in society. What should be done to help families with obese children?

April 29, Writing comments on student papers is something of an art: How can we prevent children from being negatively influenced by violence and pornography in media such as video games, movies, and the Internet?

What could be done to improve that venue? Solving Problems What type of problem are you most interested in solving? As teachers are busy creating lessons, evaluating and assessing students work, as well assessing their behavior and social skills, they also need to do report cards.

A semicolon ; always works.

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Most papers have at least a few things that the student has done well. How can we break down barriers between groups?

Many times report cards are not personal; they use generic comments to identify the student's strengths and weaknesses.

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What can be done about parents who push too hard for their children to achieve in sports, academics, fine arts, or another area?

How can colleges help students who are failing get back on track? How can we deal with illegal immigration? Many teachers use these components in holistic or analytical rubrics and provide separate evaluation for each. Writing instructors classify the types of essay comments as following: You know, no abundance of flashy objects, single font, limited amount of text sizes.

Reports cards are usually done three times a year in elementary schools and times for high school students. Use each topic sentence like a mini-thesis statement for the paragraph to let your reader know exactly what you propose to prove in that paragraph, and how it relates to your thesis.

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The Essay as a Whole. 1. Thesis. The thesis comes out clearly. The thesis needs to be more clearly stated. Superior argument: extraordinary synthesis of analytic ideas & command of course material. MELAB Sample Essays and Commentary 5 Commentary on Essay 2 The writing prompt this test taker wrote on was: Different people value different qualities in a medical doctor.

Everyone wants a well-educated and knowledgeable doctor, but what other qualities should a good medical doctor have? Explain why these are important. Latest opinion, analysis and discussion from the Guardian.

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CP Scott: "Comment is free, but facts are sacred".

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